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International Journal of Business Marketing and Management
Current Issue (Volume 8 Issue 5 Sept-Oct 2023)

Beauty Consciousness of Young Female Consumers in an Asian Emerging Market
Sulhaini || Rusdan || Sulaimiah || Rahman Dayani

The Effect of Workload on Employee Performance with Job Burnout as an Intervening Variable (Case Study at Mangga Gandeng Cigarette Factory)
Mernawati Tri Pujiastutik || Hesty Prima Rini

Privacy and Ethics in Web Analytics: Balancing User Data and Ethical Considerations
Valentin Kuleto

Analyzing the relationship between innovative teaching practices and the conceptual understanding of science in elementary school
Gaby Khoury || Rawan Daher

The relationship between Active learning implementation in high schools, and the development of students’ critical thinking skills
Gaby Khoury || Nadine Hawa

English Language Teachers' Perception on the CLIL Program's Implementation in Lebanon
Gaby Khoury || Narin Zakarian

A Survey on Current Situation of Online Digital Citizenship Behavior of College Students in China
Wei Fengqiong || Dr. Cheok Mui Yee

Public Accounting Standard 7 - Borrowing Costs Obtained STCP case
Ana Beatriz Goncalves || Eduardo Bonifácio || Filipe Silva || João Almeida || Mariana Moreira || Adalmiro Pereira || Tânia Teixeira

Service innovation and Organizational Performance Nexus: Mediating and Moderating roles of Customer Satisfaction and Employee Productivity
Masud Ibrahim, Ph.D

La transformation digitale dans les entreprises d’assurance : cas du Maroc
Fatima Zahra EL ARIF

Educational Behavior in Indonesian Underdeveloped Regions: Their Profile and Interest to Study in Higher Education
Farida Farida || Herry Agung Prabowo || Anton || Fiqri Rirahman

CAPM Model in the Absence of Risk-Free Rate
Huan-Yu Cui || Wei Chen || Chun-Hua Hou

A study on the feasibility of combinatorial measures
Jiaping Hong || Peibiao Zhao

Black Swan Event and Cash Holding at Firm Level: The Influence of COVID-19 on Listed Companies in North America
Ziyi Zhao

Impact of ESG performance and disclosure on firm value
Xueyan Liu

La performance opérationnelle des banques marocaines : indicateurs à améliorer et remèdes en cas de l’infogérance
Docteur Rachid MCHICH || Abdelmoujib BENDRISS AMRAOUI

Study on the Value of Liabilities Influenced by Multi-period Capital Requirements
Zhuang Tian || Peibiao Zhao

Leadership model for founders required for a startup’s success in India – A pilot study
Mr. Sanket Jack

What Investment Decisions, Capital Structure, and Dividend Policy influence Company Value ?
Angguliyah Rizqi Amaliyah || Suci Indah Sari

Priority Area-Based Tourism Management Model in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ani Wijayanti || Wisnu Setiawan || Perwira Putra Aghni || Satya Anindita || Edy Suharyono

A Study on Consumer Perceptions towards Online Shopping With Special Reference to Mysuru District
SIDDARAJU S || Dr. S MariGowda

The Impact of Implementing K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) and Human Resource Competency on Employee Performance at Jaya Bore Ponorogo Project Ltd
Intan Nur Indah || Kustini Kustini

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