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International Journal of Business Marketing and Management
(Volume 7 Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2022)

Training and Development Strategies and Employees’ Career Growth in Nigeria: A Case of Commercial Banks
OBOREH Christian Uyeri || ARUBAYI Damoro Olusoji PhD

Efficiency Analysis of Health Sector Expenditure Allocation in 2020 (Case Study in Purwomanggung Area)
Ayuk || Edy Yusuf Agung Gunanto

The Role of Patient Satisfaction as Mediation of Emotional Branding and Service Quality to Build Hospital Customer Loyalty
Rianah || Harianto Respati || Nanik Qosidah

Business Development Model with Mudarabah Scheme in Village-Owned Business Entity (Bumdes)
Bambang Waluyo || Nurul Hasanah || Sylvia Rozza

Proposed Credible Information System For National Sports Football Team
Mardoqueu Augusta Incate Mamadu

Relational Quality and Patient Loyalty in Private Hospitals: An Application in the Cameroonian Context
LAMBETH Yacinthe Junior || Emmanuel Eric ESSAMA NANGA

Predicting Bankruptcy Using Financial Indicators
Chiriac Andreea Ioana

Using Binary Logistic Analysis for Analyzing Bankruptcy
Chiriac Andreea Ioana

Research on the Optimal Portfolio Strategy under Logarithmic Utility with Uncertain Distribution
Gaoyi Tao || Peibiao Zhao

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