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International Journal of Business Marketing and Management
(Volume 5 Issue 11 November 2020)

The Paradox of Sharpe ratio: a modified Sharpe ratio
Kun Xiao || Peibiao Zhao

Rajungan Meat Marketing Mix Strategy In Ud. Wildania Village Lobuk Bluto Of District Sumenep
Syahril || Moh. Kurdi || Miftahol Arifin

The dual role of multinational employees
Ruijie Sun

The Effect Of Profitability, Growth, And Asset Structure On Company Value With Capital Structure As Mediation On Consumer Goods Companies In Indonesia Stock Exchange
Ni Wayan Trisna Yundhari || Ida Bagus Panji Sedana

Brand Loyalty of Smart Phones via Customer Satisfaction in Nepal
Dr. Sajeeb Kumar Shrestha

Measuring Internal Marketing Influence On Life Assurance Corporate Sales’ Performance.
Vingirayi, Ishumael || Manyani. Ethel

AI and Human Rights: From Business and Policy Perspectives
D. Majumdar || H.K. Chattopadhyay

Financial Literacy And Financial Inclusion Improvement Based On Web Applications To Achieve MSMEs Financial Well Being
Nanik Sisharini || Sunaryati Hardiani || Christina Sri R

The Chinese Way Quality Revolution – How Is Technological Development
Kuan Sheng-Pin || Hwang Lee

The Effects Of Anglophone Crisis On The Sales Of Brasseries Companies In Cameroon
TCHATAT KEZETA Bili Samuel || TEM Henry

Revealing Online Media Marketing Communication Strategies on Instagram and Whatsapp during COVID-19 Pandemic (Case Study at MSME in Malang, East Java, Indonesia)
Nadzira Nadzira || Setiyawan Setiyawan || Wiyarni Wiyarni

The Personal Touch in Customer Contact: The Influence of a Personal Approach on Customer Relationships and Customer Experience
Harald Pol || Mirjam Galetzka || Ad Pruyn

Combining internal and external drivers to understand omnichannel behavior
Nuria Viejo-Fernández || María José Sanzo-Pérez

Basic problem of the stakeholder theory from a corporates' social responsibility point of view
Zivko Bergant

Students’ Perceptions of Lecturer Achievement Index in Surabaya Private Universities
Avi Sunani

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