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International Journal of Business Marketing and Management
Current Issue (Volume 6 Issue 7 July 2021)

Consumers in Captivity: The Death of Consumer Sovereignty & Rise of Consumer Slavery
Yusuf Katono, Shifa Atukunda

When Corporate Social Responsibilities Deny Humanity of Its Long-Term Sustainability
Yusuf Katono

The Effect of Non-Statutory Welfare Schemes on the Motivation Levels of Non-Academic Staff in Private Universities in Uganda
Abdu Kakaire

Strong Work Ethics; The Ignored Antecedent Which Influences Employee Commitment in Public and Private Sector Organizations.
Abdu Kakaire

Green Concept: The Impact Of Employee Behavior On Performance Is Mediated By Work Involvement In The Indonesian Government's Sub-District Organizations.
Ucik Riwati || Bambang Supriadi || Achmad Firdiansjah

The Moderating Effect of Age on the Influence of Environmental Factors and Consumer Behaviour in Drinking Establishments in Cameroon.

Research on Online Reviews' Emotional Tendency and Perceived Usefulness: A Moderated Mediating
Yina Su

Analysis of the Factors on the Performance of Regional Development Banks in Indonesia
Evi Sistiyarini || Moch Bisyri Effendi || Avi Sunani

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